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Whether you compete on a retail store shelf, amid multiple tasting rooms or online, if your brand doesn’t make a positive first impression, you won’t get a chance to make a second. Your value and your values—not just your function—should be obvious at a glance.

Introduce and identify your brand by design, not by chance!

Tapteil Logo Design

Tapteil Vineyards

“Tapteil” is a Native American word for “narrow river”. In response to this we developed a logo inspired by the Native American symbol for “sun, water, wind”—elements that make the Red Mountain terroir alongside the Yakima River so very special.

Tapteil Logo Design
Alma Terra Logo Branding Design

Alma Terra

Built around the concepts of “terroir” and “love of the earth”, the AlmaTerra brand is designed to simultaneously reflect the rugged rocky, volcanic soils and earth’s natural beauty. Together they capture the owner’s strong environmental ethic.

Goose Mountain

A deep, rich, robust color palette stimulates the appetite while setting the expectation of a luxurious wine experience. Should you happen to look at a picture of the ridge you may notice that rotating the goose feather 90 degrees forms a silhouette of Goose Mountain.

GR Distillery

With spirits that are distilled 24 times over for clarity and purity, GR Distillery’s logo needed to be designed to reflect precise purity – and we’d like to think that we accomplished that!

Ransom Rambler

Martinez & Martinez

Martinez & Martinez is an established wine brand in Washington State’s lower Yakima Valley. In transition to their second generation of ownership, they asked that we “age” the logo that we originally did for them in 2013, to incorporate an element of their family heritage—a sugar skull—into the design.

Vido Vodka

Arvid “Vido” Monson was known for putting his hand on your shoulder as he spoke to you – usually encouraging you to live your dream. When his children and grandchildren – now operating the family-owned GR Distillery – created a Vodka in his honor, it was only fitting that we incorporate his signature stance into the logo. Arvid’s leadership and authority were thus acknowledged in the brand designed for this hand-crafted, premium vodka.

Muse Farms

Idealized asparagus spears combined with modern typography communicate “state-of-the-art quality” for this innovative Franklin County grower.

Category 5

This delightful brand is a natural consequence of the owner’s internet technology background in Seattle’s own version of Silicon Valley (the Redmond area). The logo features circuitry, while the wines have names like, “Framework”, “The Hacker” and “Firewall Red”.

Furs n Gurls Branding

Furs n’ Gurls

The tagline, “Zoomies. Roomies. Groomies.” sets the stage for this friendly, fun-loving doggy daycare/groomer/kennel imagery. An iconic golden retriever conveys “loyalty”, his tennis ball shouts “fun”, and the various shades of orange exude happiness, warmth, intelligence and activity!

Wind Horse Vineyard

Windhorse is a rough English translation of the Tibetan word “Lungta,” which means ‘life force that brings good fortune.’ This sentiment embodies the owners’ commitment to socially and environmentally responsible farming.

To visually communicate this message, we chose an earthy shade of purple (the color of royalty), to combine with a windswept illustration and typography. It’s no coincidence that Wind Horse Vineyard is located along the Columbia River just outside Hood River, Oregon – the windsurfing capitol of the world.


This client is converting a family farm into a vineyard and winery AND pheasant conservancy! To acknowledge this unique combination of efforts, we designed a stylized pheasant illustration to be executed on their wine labels with copper foil and a tiny pop of bright green to accentuate the neck feathers.

What a Rush

Owner Wysteria Rush works with wineries to deliver outrageously fun, one-of-a-kind events. We worked with her to develop a brand evocative of the “I march to the beat of a different drum” cry of the 1960’s – thus, the colors, font and treatment.

Warr-King Wines Logo

Warr-King Wines

Warr-King Wines’ brand identity design was inspired by the concepts of impeccable craftsmanship and gracious hospitality reminiscent of the Craftsman era.


The owners of Vybe reported that people often walk through their door and proclaim, “I love the vibe here,” without realizing what they’ve just said. That’s how we know we hit the branding bullseye on this one!

Tommys Taphouse Logo Design

Tommy’s Tap House

The mission here was to create a warm, friendly Irish neighborhood pub feel. The colors, font and other design elements are all designed to contribute to that end result.

Thomas Clare Cellars Branding

Thomas Clare Cellars

Named for his children, Thomas and Clare, owner Sean Weeks wanted an upscale brand with both masculine and feminine qualities. In this case, that primarily came down to a choice of fonts, as the remainder of the design was kept simple and elegant as a statement of value.

Thomas Clare Cellars Branding

Nirvana Wines

The literal meaning of the word Nirvana is “quenching” – appropriate for a high-end wine brand rooted in Buddhist tradition. We employed a stylized version of the tranquil lotus flower in their logo and adapted mesmerizing mandalas to the design of their wine labels.

Starvation Farms

In honor of the farm’s centennial anniversary, owner Chris Rausch commissioned us to create a new logo. We went with opulence as a nod to the impressive longevity of “Starvation Farms”.

Sunshine Valley Vineyards

This wine brand was created with a very specific strategic plan: initially sell in the United States to build a reputation, but ultimately – with awards under its belt – target sales in China. The positioning was specifically as a high-end corporate gift purchase. To establish SVV wines as a valuable, prestigious gift, we kept the design clean, subtle, low-contrast, and created metallic elements to differentiate from other, lower cost wines.


The Tri-Cities Sunrise Rotary created this three-on-three basketball tournament to raise money for a humanitarian outreach program that makes eye surgery possible for those in Ethiopia who have little or no access to vision care. Sara Nelson Design helped name the event and create the vibrant, fun branding.

Pasco Farmers Market Branding

Pasco Farmers Market

We deigned this logo to communicate “local, rural and fresh” – the ultimate reputational goal for a Farmer’s Market – while also sharing a color palette with the Downtown Pasco Development Association and the Pasco Specialty Kitchen logos.

Piton Wealth

A “piton” is a tool that climbers use to safely ascend a mountain. The Piton Wealth logo features both a mountain and columns on a chart that represent financial ascent to connect the stories of the two kinds of journey—each with help and a guide along the way. The navy color communicates trust; the orange communicates intelligence and propelling motion, and the font exudes clarity and solidity.

Sageland Center

Sageland Center requested an environmentally inspired brand for its high-end, state-of-the-art meeting venue designed for small educational seminars, business meetings and workshops. The center is located in the Tri-Cities, in Eastern Washington’s desert. Sagebrush is a VERY common sight around the building. Thus, a stylized sagebrush plant illustration was created for their logo. This was kept as simple as possible to help create an elegant feel.

Magnum Promotions

When you sell branded apparel and promotional items for a living and your tagline is “Put your brand on it”, a branding iron in your logo just draws itself!

Middleton Farms

Middleton Farms created a community-wide autumn festival to make the farm life experience available to anyone curious or simply nostalgic. We designed their logo to be fun and friendly, throwing it back to the region’s agricultural heritage.

Krista Hopkins Homes Logo

Krista Hopkins Homes

Realtor Krista Hopkins is both an artist and a self-proclaimed geek. She loves to work with “detail-oriented people”. We drew inspiration for her logo from the mathematically precise artwork of Piet Mondrian. His palette of primary colors was tweaked slightly to convey Krista’s warm and friendly yet authoritative personality.

Lone Star International Wine Competition

This logo and a series of medals were designed to elevate the perception of this international wine competition. The choice of a metallic color was obvious—as was the purple, it being a wine-related competition.


This once-local credit union needed a warm and friendly—but definitely corporate—identity. In the more than 20 years since we designed this logo, HAPO grew from three local branches to more than 15 branches across eastern Washington and Oregon.

Irv & Millie’s

We were asked to design the branding for Irv & Millie’s Meadery to honor the owner’s parents. This treatment of a 1940’s era photo of the couple became the foundation of their retro vibe.

Bob Rhodes

Bob Rhodes Heating and Air needed to refresh its identity, but without losing focus on their legacy of trust, competence and warmth. We designed two versions of this logo: one horizontal; one stacked. The new elements were incorporated into their fleet, uniforms, signage, stationery and website.

Concrete Jungle

From fabulous fountains to cement dragons and crocodiles, the Concrete Jungle’s lemur logo sets the expectation of wildly adventurous yard decor.


The Q in this this strikingly simple logo for Equipt Rentals is a cog. The black is decidedly masculine and conveys a sense of power and authority. The orange communicates intelligence and motion. Together they send an unmistakable message of being ready, willing and able to get your project moving.

Cicada Cellars

Winemaking is a serious business, but that doesn’t mean it can’t also be fun! Cicada Cellars is a casual, comfortable, quality-conscious winery based in Stonewall, Texas—where cicadas are a natural, normal part of life!

College Cellars

College Cellars is a highly regarded teaching winery with an impressive list of accolades. The branding for this Walla Walla Community College project had to reflect of the world-class winery they’ve become. We like to think that this type treatment does.

Carpenter Handcrafted Logo

Carpenter Handcrafted

He’s a landscape photographer. She’s a portrait photographer. What do they have in common? A passion for beautiful, custom photography—and four darling children!

Cedar River Cellars

Precision winemaking is at the core of the Cedar River Cellars brand. We combined that concept with the color and concentric rings of a cedar with the graceful waves of a river to create this highly memorable brand for this suburban Seattle winery.

Asparagus Festival & Brews

Each year, people come from all over to enjoy the Mid-Columbia Region’s farm-fresh asparagus—prepared in every way imaginable—with a backdrop of outstanding musical entertainment. It’s very much a niche event (asparagus being an acquired taste) but the “Brews” definitely broaden the appeal! This logo was almost more illustration than design…

Black Heron Spirits

When Mark Williams purchased Black Heron, he wanted the brand refreshed in such a way as to keep the distillery’s name and existing Art Deco feel of the brand yet add the more graceful imagery of a heron in flight. A simple, elegant, reversed silhouette turned out to be the key to this design.

Rocky Pond Winery

The Rocky Pond logo is clean, modern and polished—in stark contrast to the lively illustration of colorful rocks featured on their labels. The contrast in both cases actively grabs eyeballs as they pass by.

Alexander Huang Wines

Developed for a chain of tasting rooms across China, the imagery developed for this high-end Napa Valley wine speaks to a culture with an insatiable appetite for western luxury brands and a strong ethic of corporate gifting as way to make a significant connection with new potential clients or vendors.

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