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Hand and Surface Sanitizer Packaging Design

Rockabilly Roasting

Travis and Laura Jordon, owners of Rockabilly Roasting took advantage of the shutdowns of 2020 to renovate, elevate and expand their Roastery. If you haven’t been there lately, check it out—it’s gorgeous. (101 W Kennewick Avenue in downtown Kennewick). 

During that time, they also worked with us elevate their packaging! We created a bag design for all products. Colorful ribbons are added after the bag is filled to indicate the source of the beans and the roast.⁠

  • 2022 American Package Design Award
Hand and Surface Sanitizer Packaging Design
real nz water bottles

Real NZ Water

This ultra-pure water is imported from New Zealand. We designed the brand to communicate the concepts of upscale value, authenticity and purity, thus the light blues, blending into teal in the wings of the butterfly, touching also upon the idea of the product being natural.

Ice Harbor

Sara Nelson Design was asked to develop packaging for Ice Harbor’s 22 oz bottles and 12 oz cans, as well as seltzers, growlers, drinkware and…mustard! (Yes, Red Ale Mustard! These guys are nothing if not versatile!) Within these label and packaging designs you see both the consistency of the brewery’s logo within the flexibility demanded of such a widely varying product line!

Goose Ridge Cider

Goose Ridge Cider

Upscale and elegant, these ciders are bottled in a champagne-inspired bottle with a cork and cage closure. The flexible design can easily be adapted to each seasonally-inspired flavor. 

Judel Yellow Onions Packaging Design

Judel Organics

Yes, those are bags of Onions there. The area that Sara Nelson Design is located in – Washington State’s Mid-Columbia region – is absolutely world-class for growing an amazing variety of vegetables, among other things. And that means that we have developed packaging for onions, potatoes, carrots, asparagus and all manner of other green and growing things, besides wine grapes!

Judel Yellow Onions Packaging Design

Lavender Oil

Did I mention flowers and herbs, too?

The audience for this lavender essential oil and home fragrance mist is local, thus we created the “Simply Local” brand and developed a package that quickly and obviously communicates the nature of the contents.

Boulder Canyon Potatoes Packaging Design

Boulder Canyon

And then, potatoes! Trivia Quiz: where does McDonalds grow almost all of the potatoes used in their French Fries across North America? Answer: within about fifty miles of here. As mentioned earlier, the Mid-Columbia is an amazing agricultural paradise, and thus packaging is needed. Like potato bags!

Boulder Canyon Potatoes Packaging Design
Marshall Bee Farms Honey

Marshall Bee Farms

In a world where quality honey is almost impossible to get in the retail market (the vast majority of brands on store shelves contain corn syrup, high fructose or other), pure and natural honey IS a premium product! What IS available primarily comes from farmers markets and organic/natural food stores.

With that, we opted to take a premium value approach to developing the packaging materials for Marshall’s Been Farms’ products. Beyond honey, the product line extends in skin repair balms and anti-aging facial creams, candles, honeycomb and more!

Boise Ranch Rubs

Finally, Boise Ranch Rubs – a line of premium BBQ rubs for any kind of meat you might want to cook up, whether on a barbecue or in a more conventional oven! Beef, Pork, Poultry…there’s is a rub (or a dozen rubs) for any and all of these, which means that we had to develop a suite of highly adaptable label designs to allow end-users to be able to stock multiple kinds with a minimum of confusion!

Marshall Bee Farms Honey

Ice Harbor Seltzer

Low in calories and alcohol, Ice Harbor Brewing added a line of fruit-flavored Hard Seltzers to their craft beers and ales.

Lacewing goes in Wine Label design Portfolio. Put images of the Pet Nat labels on a Read More page.

  • 2022 American Package Design Award

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