Preparing for your portrait

We’ve written these guidelines to help you prepare for your photoshoot…If you’re still not sure, bring more than one outfit to the shoot and our art director will be happy to offer guidance.

Yes to Color!
Many believe that black is slimming and professional. But, unless your hair is black, black is probably not one of your best colors. Wearing colors that mirror your personal coloring will create a more vibrant look.

How to find “your best colors”
There is a very good chance that you instinctively know what looks best on you. Go with it!

If you need a little confirmation…
Match your eye color. If you have blue, green or hazel eyes, wearing these colors will make you look warm and approachable.
Match your hair color. Repeating colors found in your hair is a great way to go—especially for your slacks. 
March your skin color. The pink, red or salmon tones of your skin are very flattering. To find your precise shade, get your ears, cheeks or nose very cold and match them!
Vein color. Match the color of the veins in your wrist. This will also likely be a good color for you.

Prints & Stripes
Please do not wear small prints or narrow stripes.

Logo wear
DO NOT wear another company’s logo on your shirt, hat or jacket. Or anywhere else a logo might show up, for that matter.

Graphic T-shirts
Please do not wear vibrant graphic (think “picture”) t-shirts, even under a jacket. They tend to draw the attention away from your beautiful face.

More often than not, our art director will ask you to remove your hat. They cast shadows, making it hard to see your eyes. If you always wear a hat, and it’s a part of your identity, please let us know.

Accessories can add sparkle to your portrait. Feel free to bring options for the art director to consider.

Ladies, If we’re doing headshots, please wear a fairly high neckline. When we crop the photos, we don’t want to crop out your blouse, making it look like you’re not wearing one.

Pressed & Lint-free
Please iron or steam your clothes ahead of time and remove lint. 

If doing your own hair and makeup, please bring your make up kit and styling tools in case more color or a touch up is needed. If you’re working with professionals, please come with a clean face and clean, dry, ready-to-be-styled hair.