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Vido Vodka

The design of the sales sheet for Vido Vodka feels as hand-crafted as the product itself! The back includes hand-drawn sketches that illustrate the vodka making process, plus a great deal of custom illustration work.

Washington Vines Magazine Design

Inland Desert Nursery

Washington Vines Magazine Design
WWE Fliers

Walla Walla Environmental Trade Show

This design includes a series of sales sheets created to promote paint additives made by Walla Walla Environmental for sale to large-scale retailers. A matching floor-length trade show display was also created to coordinate with these sheets as well.

Washington Bikes Shirt

Washington Bikes

What would George do? He’d sport a helmet, cycling shorts and explore the scenic backroads of Washington State! Or he would’ve if there had BEEN a Washington State while he was alive. He just looked like that kind of guy!

Warr King Wine Club Application Design

Warr-King Wine Club Application

The goal of this brochure was to let fans of Warr-King Wines take the Craftsman-like elegance away with them by providing wine club information and an application in a beautiful, brand-appropriate package! This brochure is perforated along one side of a page so that a customer can fill out the application, tear it off, turn it in and keep the rest of the piece for reference.

Port of Pasco Brochure Design

Port of Pasco Newsletter

We designed the Port of Pasco Newsletter for many years. In 2018 we were asked to refresh the basic template and its elements to be more consistent with their new organizational branding. The new design is filled with easy-to-read pull quotes, sideboards, captions and statistics, so that if the reader only quickly scans the newsletter, they still have a pretty good idea what’s going on at the Port.

Port of Pasco Brochure Design
Destination Brands Stationary

Destination Brands Stationery

Every wine from Destination Brands comes from Goose Mountain and Washington’s soon-to-be new Goose Gap AVA. Thus, we used the “Goose Mountain” feather as the focal point of this brand. The feather – laid on its side – forms an eerily accurate silhouette of Goose Mountain.

  • 2021 American Graphic Design Award
Camp Prime Time Brochure Design

Camp Prime Time Brochure

Camp Prime Time is a special place for families with terminally ill or developmentally disabled children. Whole families – not just children – are invited to come for a weekend. For a brief moment, the whole family can relax together, letting someone else care for them! This brochure was designed to inspire campers to register, to recruit volunteer support, and to move donors to give.

Camp Prime Time Brochure Design
Breast Cancer Firefighters Shirt

Breast Cancer Awareness T-Shirt

The local fire-fighters union commissioned a t-shirt that they could wear during breast cancer awareness month. It had to NOT be “too pink,” among the other design challenges. They also wanted to enter their shirt in a national t-shirt contest. While we didn’t win, we had a seriously impressive number of votes!

Washington Bikes Shirt

Goose Ridge Ads

This series of ads for Goose Ridge Vineyard & Winery introduce new products, invite locals to the Tasting Room and provide ideas for holiday giving.

Stern Center Magazine Ad Design

The Stern Center

Created for the Stern Center to appear in Alaska Airlines Magazine and 425 Magazine, these ads are designed to inspire self-care through aesthetic/cosmetic procedures.

Kadlec Recruiting Brochure Design

Kadlec Physician Recruiting

We wrote this recruiting piece for Kadlec Physician from the perspective of a fellow physician. The copy and imagery were focused on a family-centric lifestyle, while incorporating the hospital’s quality ratings and accolades. The brochure was mailed in a custom envelope, complete with a personalized note from the doctor featured inviting the recipient to call him personally to learn more.

Kadlec Recruiting Brochure Design

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