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Vido Vodka Package Design Closeup

Vido Vodka

We designed the VIDO brand specifically for a Vodka dedicated to one of the Monson family’s most beloved larger-than-life characters: Arvid “Vido” Monson. In the logo and on their packaging you see an illustrated silhouette of the man, himself, in his classic pose – his hand on your shoulder, looking you in the eye as he dispensed wisdom as only he could. 

The imagery herein is designed to communicate a position of leadership and authority, while visually articulating that the artisanal brand is hand-crafted for premium quality.

This limited edition packaging was created when Vido Vodka became the official premium Vodka sponsor of the Seattle Kraken.

Black Heron Packaging Design


Each bottle is adorned with a label crafted on premium paper, adorned with two distinct foils and accentuated by a dimensional medallion to reflect the craftsmanship and attention to detail synonymous with Rainfire Distillery. Complete with a bar-top closure featuring the iconic Rainfire monogram, every aspect of the packaging exudes luxury and distinction.

Black Heron Packaging Design

Black Heron Spirits

For Black Heron, Sara Nelson Design created an art deco inspired suite of packaging targeting a mature, discerning consumer of spirits. The choice of font harkens back to the days of prohibition, which were effectively right at the peak of the art deco movement, as especially seen in the design of New York’s iconic early 20th Century skyscrapers. These Black Heron Heron Spirits label and packaging designs would fit perfectly on the back bar on the ground floor of the Empire State Building in the Roaring Twenties…

Black Heron Packaging Design

Golden Bee for Ellensburg Distillery

Golden Bee Honey Spirits, a blend of sweetness and spice that ignites the senses. While we didn’t craft the initial design, we’ve meticulously refined it to reflect the essence of this exceptional product.

Our expertise shines through in every detail of the packaging, from the carefully crafted front and back labels to the capsule cover, ensuring that every aspect of Golden Bee Honey Spirits exudes elegance and sophistication.

Black Heron Packaging Design

5 Arrow Brandy

Before the Monson family got into the wine and spirits industry, they were cattlemen. This barrel-select VSOP Brand pays tribute to that heritage. The label features the photography of Chris Dickinson.

  • 2023, American Graphic Design Award

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