The Highly Esteemed Vineyard

As a well-positioned vineyard brand becomes increasingly well respected, the value of both its property and its product escalates. That, in turn, positively affects the value of neighboring properties. Investors increasingly seek it out. Winemakers sign longer-term contracts. And when the day comes to sell, you can expect top dollar for both the land and the brand.

How do you get there?

Intentional branding and excellent farming practice helps you to create a vineyard that others within the industry respect. Winemakers willingly pay a premium for grapes from a well-respected vineyard. When you’re good enough, they’ll tell the world about you by prominently featuring your vineyard’s name on the labels and in their marketing.

Even if you use all your own grapes for your own wines, dial up the prestige factor by giving your vineyard a name and investing in its reputation. Consumers willingly pay a premium for wine from top tier AVAs. They will pay even more from a well-known vineyard whose name helps them sell their wine.

What does branding a vineyard look like? 


The qualities that make your vineyard special

The qualities that your target audience and their customers care about

The “promise” that your vineyard can consistently back, year-in and year-out.

Sometimes a good name comes quickly and easily. Other times it can be a challenging and time-consuming process. We look for names that relate to location, philosophy and brand promise; unique things that make your vineyard special. A great name has a ring to it. It flows. It’s memorable. Most important, it’s available to trademark.

Create visual stature for your brand.

You want both winemakers and consumers to see the the beauty of your vineyard and to know its location. Beautiful signage not only identifies the site, but reinforces the stature of the brand, keeping it top of your customer’s mind. Tasteful vehicle signage and business cards are additional building blocks of most brands

High-end swag is a great way to make a vineyard more prominent as well. Winemakers will proudly wear clothing branded with your vineyard’s name. Everyone wants to be associated with quality; winemakers are no different.

Demonstrate excellence.

If you need to establish the quality of your fruit for potential buyers, hire a top-notch winemaker to make wine from your grapes. Bottle it in premium glass with a top-shelf label. Share it with potential buyers to demonstrate the extraordinary qualities of your fruit.

Make research easy with a website.

A vineyard website showcases attributes of the land, the quality of the vines, and the commitment to outstanding vineyard management. You will want to provide assets for the media’s use.

What are you waiting for?

Creating a brand for your vineyard is an excellent financial investment!