When you have wines that are substantially different from each other, consider creating tiers that each clearly place them in relation to each other in the mind of the potential customer.

This is done in the automobile world. Toyota has a premium line—Lexus. They also have a brand targeting a younger audience—Scion—because one size does not fit all. All may be excellent products,. but the finished goods are targeted at different groups of buyers. 

In the wine business you can create separate brands OR you can create different tiers under the umbrella of your primary brand.

We’ve worked with clients to create tiers for 

  • budget-friendly wines
  • ultra-premium wines
  • wine club-only
  • restaurant only offerings
  • distribution only wines
  • Artist series


Different price points. A $15 bottle of wine should not look as deluxe as a $35 bottle. Nor should a $100 bottle look like either. It should elegantly communicate “luxury,” and doesn’t have to be as bold and eye-catching because it is not competing with other wines on a retail shelf.

Wine Club only. Having wines that can only be acquired through membership in a wine club creates exclusivity, thus making membership more desirable.

Restaurant only. Different wines for restaurant customers keep patrons from saying, “That’s a $25 bottle at Safeway but they wat SEVENTY-FIVE DOLLARS here??” because they have nothing to compare it to. 

Distribution only. If wines in the grocery store are the same as those at the winery, why visit the winery? Keep the winery-only wines special and worthy of a trip to visit you. In fact, consider a “house wine” that is only available at the tasting room. This distribution only tier must compete well visually with other wines on the retail shelves.

Artist Series. These wines are usually limited in production. If you want the wine, you’d best get it now! These wines have a “collector” appeal.

If you would like to talk further or learn more about whether developing or expanding your product offerings into tiers, please give us a call at 509-545-4584 or email hello@saranelsondesign.com.