wine label design

Tucannon Cellars

Benton City, WA

When Tucannon Cellars was purchased in 2022, we were asked to redesign their labels around the theme of “the beauty of nature”.  With that in mind, we designed three different tiers of wine labels: The Genesis Collection, Single Varietal Red Wines and Reserve Wines. 

We also simplified the winery’s existing logo into a corkscrew and used it as a unifying element among the labels.

Rose: This label pays tribute to the 300 days of sunshine enjoyed in southeastern Washington state.

We used specialty inks to create bands of prismatic light amongst the rays. 

White Wines:  The label is printed on clear poly material. Sun rays on the back label shows through to the front.

Reds: The Red Wine labels also feature elements from nature and are embellished with gold foil.

Reserve Reds: Sophisticated, elegant and a bit rustic this label quickly conveys that it is a premium product.