Warr-King Wines

Woodinville, WA

Warr-King Wines’ brand identity design was inspired by the concepts of impeccable craftsmanship and gracious hospitality reminiscent of the Craftsman era. In this label’s design,  beautifully illustrated poppy offsets an era-specific font and luxurious metallic inks to help create both era and attitude.

Warr-King recently expanded its line of excellent wines with two new labels. The first, Tenacity, was inspired by determined souls who follow their passion, don’t take no for an answer and refuse to let anything stand in their way. The second, Mouton Noir – French for Black Sheep – is characterized by the winemaker as “an outlier” – something fun, but definitely not what you would expect from their primary brand…which is the perfect reason to create a second (or third) label!

A second label for Warr-King Wines, Song 2 was inspired by the owner’s son, Zach. The illustration includes references to his favorite piece of music, “Song 2”,  his happy place, and even his beloved dog! ⁠


  • 2017 San Francisco International Wine Awards’ Label Competition Medal
    Rosé label
  • 2018 American Package Design Award
  • Silver Medal
    2020 Lone Star International Wine Competition
Warr King Wine Club Application Design
Warr King Wine Club Application Design
Warr King Wine Club Application Design