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Your web presence should start a dialog with potential customers. Sara Nelson Design can help you develop a warmly welcoming web presence that begins conversations.

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Marvels of Hawaii Website Design

Marvels of Hawaii

The Marvels of Hawaii site is unique in that the client offers two very different products—Balsamic Vinegars and the Fine Art of Illustrator Shane Molina—and a service—Guided Snorkeling Adventures—for tourists. The website has to be versatile enough to both book tourist packages and ship products to visitors’ homes around the world.

Marvels of Hawaii Website Design
Destination Brands Website Design

Destination Brands

DestinationBrands.com was created to provide retailers and distributors worldwide access the marketing assets for the five “Destination Brands.” It’s a fairly demanding thing, given how BIG some of the media files can be for full-size, full-color, print-ready print pieces.

Garberg Chiropractic

Dr. Garberg needed a clean, professional site to make patients and potential patients alike feel comfortable and confident that the Garberg team “has their back”!

Sphere Foods Website Design

Sphere Foods

Sphere Foods is an international food brokerage. Among their products are a new red dye for food that comes from a totally different, completely organic process—thus the dominance of red in this website design color palette.

Sageland Center Website Design

Sageland Center

Sara Nelson Design developed an environmentally-inspired brand for Sageland center, a high-end, state-of-the-art meeting facility designed for small educational seminars, business meetings and workshops. Featuring a sage plant—a common site in the area where the Center is located—the design was kept as simple as possible for the sake of elegance.

Sageland Center Website Design
Piton Wealth Website Design

Piton Wealth

Piton Wealth Management deals with one of the touchiest subjects a company can – people’s money. As such, they must be perceived as uber-credible and completely trustworthy. To accomplish that, we designed this site to exudes warmth, inspiration, aspiration and credibility. The interactive aspects of the site are there to give clients access for their education and training and a level of control, as compared to so many “just trust us” companies.

Real NZ Water Website Design

Real NZ Water

“Extraordinarily pure” is the underlying message of every aspect of this website. Since the product is a bottled water imported from the Alps of New Zealand, that’s an excellent position to hold down!

Real NZ Water Website Design
Black Heron Sprits Website Design

Black Heron Spirits

Black Heron’s site targets the education of distributors and wholesale buyers. Black Heron believes that the more their target audience knows about their spirits (and now wine) product lines, the better it will support their sales and distribution efforts.

Vido Vodka Website Design

Vido Vodka

DrinkVido.com is a consumer-facing website working toward a national footprint for their new grape-based vodka made by GR Distillery. In addition to e-commerce, the site offers recipes, information on the distillation process, news, reviews and more! 
Vido Vodka Website Design
OBrien Five Website Design

O’Brien Five

For a small business not quite ready for a full web presence but wanting to be found online, a single page – sometimes as little as a single image – is one solution. This is such a page designed for O’Brien Five – a tiny winery in Ritzville, the heart of Washington State’s Wheat Country.

Fatherhood Academy

Being a dad is hard. It’s even harder in a non-traditional situation. Fatherhood Academy was created by local non-profit You Medical to help men navigate the often tumultuous and frequently unfamiliar waters of fatherhood. Their website was created to feel masculine and relatable, while offering education and resources.

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